Descrizione: Ominous background ambience of spaceship interior peacefully cruising through space. Loop Ready

Descrizione: Intense high pitched drone layered of deep rumble, signifying disorientation, confusion and intense pain

Descrizione: Shifting layers of metallic harmonics. Future shock industrial landscapes with edge of tension and suspense.

Descrizione: Background wild party chatter and laughter. English language spoken with hints of American accents. Early 20th century style bohemian party

Descrizione: Distant rumble of city traffic, occasional distant siren of police cars. Some cars more in the foreground. Loop ready.

Descrizione: A vortex sucking in all matter in its vicinity. Fantasy horror or sci fi sound effect. Loop ready

Descrizione: Alien siren alarm sound effect. Electronic emergency alarm for space station. Retro science fiction.

Descrizione: Slow spooky tick tock of heightened grandfather clock pendulum swing

Descrizione: Peaceful and tranquil sci fi cinematic soundscape. Spaceship interior. Background hum of power generators with light ethereal tones shifting and evolving above. Seamlessly Looping

Descrizione: Futuristic sound design, high tech machinery transforming matter from one state to another.

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