Descrizione: Rhythmical, soothing and dreamy waves rolling onto sandy beach. Recorded carefully to catch the indirect diffused sound best suited for background scenics. Some occasional and distant cries and shouts of children playing and seagulls calling. Day dreaming on perfect Summer holidays. Loop ready.

Descrizione: Waves breaking over rock. Sound of water gurgling and splashing between large boulders as waves recede

Descrizione: Waves on crashing on sandy beach. Some distant sound of seagulls in background

Descrizione: Large waves rolling and breaking on sandy beach. Sound of surf hissing as wave drags sand back into the sea

Descrizione: Waves lapping against and in between rocks. Gurgling and splashing. Some sound of larger waves in the distance. Wide rich stereo recording. Loop ready

Descrizione: Winter stormy waves crashing on pebble beach. Recorded from middle distance, some voices in background lost under roar of surf

Descrizione: Tempesta in mare sul XIX secolo vela della nave, scricchiolio dei legnami di nave, onde, vento urlante

Descrizione: Waves crashing and swirling around on sandy beach. Slapping of water against sand, fizzing as it draws sand back

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