Descrizione: Etereo melodica ossessionante sopra dub elettronico

Descrizione: Large waves rolling and breaking on sandy beach. Sound of surf hissing as wave drags sand back into the sea

Descrizione: Atmosfera di giungla montagna flusso. Con ruscello che scorre veloce, insetti e uccelli

Descrizione: Waves lapping against and in between rocks. Gurgling and splashing. Some sound of larger waves in the distance. Wide rich stereo recording. Loop ready

Descrizione: Occupato il traffico cittadino, clacson, auto al minimo, ingorgo.

Descrizione: Intense industrial futuristic sci fi / horror ambience and atmosphere. Pulsating and shifting soundscape layers. Engine control room of intergalactic spaceship. Different control systems and the deep drone of a warp drive. Seamlessly Looping.

Descrizione: Heightened dreamy slightly surreal cityscape with distant ice cream van playing melody from Holst's 'Jupiter'

Descrizione: Ambiente futuristico tranquillo e contemplativo. Strati di voce come droni e metallico toni ritmicamente in evoluzione

Descrizione: Winter stormy waves crashing on pebble beach. Recorded from middle distance, some voices in background lost under roar of surf

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