Descrizione: Trouble Will Cause is a minimal track that is sad, nostalgic, and works in dramatic, emotional scenes for TV and Film.

Descrizione: Dark and ambient track that builds suspense and is great for background in TV Show, Film, and other media projects.

Descrizione: Thinking Huge is a pop/rock driven track with driving piano, energetic drums, beautiful synths, driving bass, and expressive streams. It is ideal for corporate and company presentations or commercials where positivity and optimism are important.

Descrizione: Old fashioned christmas theme with sleigh bells, celeste, piano, and fun holiday trumpet.

Descrizione: Rap Piano Riff with steady, serious beat, bass, and synth lead.

Descrizione: Description: compelling dramatic film soundtrack cue reflecting the mystery and suspense of evil doings and the impending doom of a threatening unknown.

Descrizione: Exquisite and sophisticated piano solo Bill Evans and other jazz greats. Excellent as background source music for fine dining, intimate cocktails, grand hotels and high society gatherings. Designed for relaxing and elegant restaurant lounge environments.

Descrizione: Minimal minor piano melody with a synth drone. Perfect for a sad or emotional TV, film, and other media.

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