Descrizione: Mellow, Pop soundtrack featuring celeste and synth with strings and guitar.

Descrizione: Romantic and ambient folk guitar and violin, love scene background music.

Descrizione: Midtempo Bluegrass string jam, with a drinking song groove. featuring banjo, fiddle, slide guitar and mandolin.

Descrizione: Slow, ambient and mellow, with touches of drama and airiness. A soundtrack to a sad breakup.

Descrizione: What you'd expect to hear from a jazz combo in the wee hours of the morning after you'd had a bit too much to drink. Bluesy, smoky stylings in the Soul Jazz vein.

Descrizione: Western sounding Alt-Country, sounds like a vocal-less Ryan Adams song.

Descrizione: Funky, 1970's TV show theme with wah pedal guitar, strings...smooth, upbeat groove.

Descrizione: Doomy intro leads into reflective Floydian guitars layered over ominous bass, drums and ocean sounds.

Descrizione: A dirgy Western soundtrack feel, lonesome and doomy.

Descrizione: Sweet Americana/Bluegrass track featuring fiddle and banjo; a lover's song.

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