Descrizione: Here is a pop song with pianos, in a lounge mood.

Descrizione: Uptempo Ska Punk music for every summer, teen or extreme sports projects! A very positive and cool track that will make you want to surf or party!

Descrizione: Here is an hybrid song between electro and orchestral music. A good way to travel and a great musical experience.Perfect for sports videos, travel videos, movies and short films.

Descrizione: A great summer song, ideal to bring a fun/party touch to your greatests projects such as adverts, youtube videos, movies, sport vidéos!

Descrizione: An airy and sweet song, elaborated to make you dream and feel love!

Descrizione: Promote your projects with this music suitable for games' trailers or cinematic trailers with this high quality track. Here is an epic composition designed for this purpose. With a straight build up to an epic climax, this music covers it all in order to improve your promotional needs to the fullest!

Descrizione: here is a great jingle: electro pop french touch condensate!

Descrizione: Another great electronic and melodic dubstep jingle!

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