Descrizione: Fun, energetic disco funk track with a huge bass groove! Let's watch the sunset!

Descrizione: A classic Horror style track, decent for Halloween and slightly discordant with piano phrases. It will give you fear and scary feelings! This lunatic atmosphere suggests a retro horror style film scene. Very useful for creating the perfect halloween atmosphere!

Descrizione: Joy, enthusiasm, guitars! Here is a positive and major chords song.

Descrizione: An upbeat, inspirational, bouncy & joyful track featuring piano, acoustic guitar, and music box! It has been specially created to fit any type of corporate, business or happy media. It as an unforgettable melody that will always attract your customers ears, while bringing joy and happiness. You'll have a catchy media, plenty of good vibes with fresh melodies! The perfect track for a happy mood!

Descrizione: Contemporary pop/rock ballad. Pleasant sound of classical instruments mixed with groovy beats and strings. This is a sentimental and romantic pop ballad with piano, woman voice and choirs, emotional and deep drums, live orchestral strings.

Descrizione: Electro-Rock and pop song combining groovy Electric Guitar with various elements of electronic music including “vintage”synth, a groovy beat and some fuzz guitars. The structure remains Dance and Groovy music, like Ratatat or DJ Champion.

Descrizione: a little girl is playing party game and saying "ah ah ah"!

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