Descrizione: You see the little worms having fun and dancing on their planet! Space worm is an original pop track that makes you smile!

Descrizione: "Islet" is bright, fun and upbeat indie pop track. It’s perfect for fun, upbeat advertising and promotional video sounds. Somewhere betweenTwo Door Cinema Club, Foster the People and Vampire Weekend!

Descrizione: West guitars is a western american music that has many transitions. Galloping beat, guitar solos gives the feeling of a modern america.

Descrizione: Here is a fresh and clean background music, suitable for any inspirational, motivational or uplifting projects!

Descrizione: This is a playful, memorable, and feel good instrumental child song. Perfect for a commercial, advertisement, podcast, promo, or any other media that needs children theme song.

Descrizione: This is a quiet and a bit melancholic song. It is full of tenderness and have a dreamy atmosphere.

Descrizione: An original track inspired by the work of Kavinsky. It’s hard, it’s punchy and it’s super 80s. Great for commercial use in videos projects, commercials and similar media.

Descrizione: This song is a feel good Electronic, swing & Urban track with dancing beat, modern scratches and melodic vocals sampling. Perfect for modern and energetic moods !

Descrizione: Simple yet magical, this piece immediately transports the listener into a euphoric and contemplative space. The atmosphere throughout the piece remains positive and uplifting – and crescendos to a triumphant moment about half way through

Descrizione: Here is a strange but also motivational, uplifting and cheerful background music! Flûtes and birds make your day!

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