Descrizione: Late at night upscale cocktail lounge the piano plays a soft delicate song sensitive emotional and sophisticated in the style and tradition of George Gershwin and Cole Porter but with a modern interpretation. Excellent as background music for fine dining, intimate settings, hotels, in store, on hold, Instrumental, Jazz,

Descrizione: An attractive, slow moving, deeply relaxing, super chill jazz ballad. This smooth track features lovely electric piano and vibraphone melodies backed by upright bass and ride cymbal. Useful music for a variety of media productions, corporate, in house, tv, film, radio, web, and advertisements.

Descrizione: A wild jazzy psychedelic track, cool, smooth and colorful; reminiscent of Miles Davis Bitches Brew era. Features effected live trumpet and clarinet, electric piano, upright bass, percussion and effects. Travel through this exhilarating mind bending soundscape. For cosmic multimedia projects, radio. Instrumental, Jazz, Acid Jazz

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