Descrizione: musica isola felice, con fusti di acciaio, percussioni levare, basso e melodia uke. Relax al sole e sabbia

Descrizione: A sweet grooving tropical lounge track, calm, mellow, featuring horns, bass, guitar, synth and percussion. A relaxing evening song with a romantic flair like riding down the coast line. Nice jazzy music bed for romantic scenes, sophisticated audiences, ads, voice over, instructional dvd, health spa

Descrizione: A sweetly grooving tropical track. Features female vocal shouts, backing female voices, delicious piano themes, full latin percussion, cool organ, upright bass, and Jamaican mallets. Superb tightly constructed caribbean music for dance collections, cruise boat, underscores for film, video, radio

Descrizione: A romantic, relaxed & dreamy smooth latin jazz track featuring a aggressive melody line flute & a gentle response from the trumpet. Solid bass & percussion hold the rhythm steady. The reflective middle section features female vocals Useable background music with a wide range for all media projects. Female Vocals, Tropical, Afro-Caribbean

Descrizione: A delightfully amusing and exciting tropical latin track that with an original modern approach. Featuring caribbean steel drums, a tin flute, synthesized vocal pops, smooth island percussion, and rich upright bass. Cool track with quirky variety including a big drum march like section. Fun hip stuff

Descrizione: A delightfully happy tropical latin track that will put a smile on your face. Featuring a sweet tin flute melody, crushed percussive key synth, and gentle right on the money island percussion. Nice crisp fresh sounds for all occasion perhaps warm weather holidays. Useful for media productions

Descrizione: A bright and happy tropical track featuring a tin whistle, caribbean steel drums, afro cuba percussion, piano, and bass that struts with along proudly. Works well as a theme song, backgrounds, underscores, for advertising vacation products and services, radio productions, tv and video instrumentals

Descrizione: A lush and gently swaying, warm and breezy, tropical island song. Featuring exotic instruments, synths, vocals, a soft horn section, classical nylon string guitar trading solo fills with a pop flute, all backed by light latin percussion, upright bass and piano. Great track for alluring media projects

Descrizione: Un tocco felice su questa famosa melodia. Un tempo di taglio peppy pista caratteristiche di acciaio padella batteria, funky latino infustamento, basso elettrico e pianoforte elettrico. Buon per cartoline elettroniche e tifo su quella persona speciale.

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