Descrizione: A clever, slowly evolving, deeply moving and emotional medium tempo soft pop rock ballad featuring a sweet female vocal performance. A rock solid rhythm section under gentle lead guitar solos and tight piano keep the track flowing. A catchy indie type tune for radio, film, video, tv advert, in store

Descrizione: An epic slowly evolving deeply moving and emotional medium tempo soft pop rock ballad featuring a powerful female vocal and violin performance. A rock solid rhythm section of drums, bass and piano keep the track tight. A moving, romantic Adele type tune for radio play, film, video, tv, adverts,

Descrizione: An expressive & absorbing pop rock number, top hit, featuring powerful female vocals, rock star guitar lead lines over a RnB style pumping beat & smooth synths. Superb club feel, strong house beat, tightly constructed & very musical an excellent backing for film, tv, radio, video, products video.

Descrizione: Luscious, lovely & powerful slow beat tight soft pop rock track ballad featuring a strong female vocal performance, big electric guitar solo, a sweet synth pads, & a rock solid rhythm section. A moving on love song usable musical number for radio play, film or tv scenes & a variety media productions, Female Vocals, Pop, Pop Ballad

Descrizione: A romantic and relaxed passion pop piece that keeps pleasantly floating along. Features soaring emotional female vocals, brilliant solo and backing electric guitars, thick flowing bass and subtle synths. Well suited for wide ranging uses including: tv, radio, video, soothing, on hold and credits, Female Vocals, Pop, Soft Pop

Descrizione: A lovely, airy, idealistic and positive ambient pop track featuring a strong and emotional male voice, a brilliant alto sax solo, smooth synth sounds, flowing bass and drums that bring the beat back in. Suitable for wide ranging uses including finance, insurance, lifestyle tv, film, radio and video.

Descrizione: A powerful, radio ready, pop track featuring a soulful, heart felt female vocal performance. Inspiring coming of age, getting smarter, learning from your mistakes motivational track. Big electric guitar solo and a wash of cool synth sounds with a solid build up into the rocking hook. For all media. Female Vocals, Pop, Teen Pop

Descrizione: A mysterious half time feel opening verse featuring male vocals sets up a straight ahead pumping dance groove featuring a female vocal. Fits into the hot 100 sound, super catchy hooks, thick bass, state of the art synths and a solid drum groove that keeps it tight. Great track for media projects.

Descrizione: A medium up tempo, smooth grooving, top of the charts, pop dance track featuring hot female vocals. The beats are strong and the synths and electronica elements are rocking in this fresh pop tune. Great for radio playing, dance sequences, club scenes in video productions and website adverts.

Descrizione: A warm and bittersweet alternative rock pop track featuring a heartfelt male vocal, a lush cello melody hook, and a solid bass and drums backing rhythmic groove. The music also functions well as a mysterious moody and reflective piece. Broadcast ready for all media projects in tv, film, radio, video

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