Descrizione: A dramatic and intense, rocking track featuring a massive bass riff and cool synths. Fun head bobbing groove music nice spy, evil guy mysterious type of sound for action sports video, film, tv backgrounds, exciting happening events, hardcore fun, multimedia projects or instrumental rock collections.

Descrizione: A smooth & sultry solid classic rock track featuring a superb male vocal performance, a powerful drum back beat, fat bass, cool synths, funky guitar riffs. A tightly constructed retro feel original track. Music for a wide range for media projects, tv theme, radio play, video, in store shopping tunes, Male Vocals, Rock, Classic Rock

Descrizione: Smooth Sultry Solid indie in the pocket college rock track featuring an extended Pink Floyd style electric guitar solo, African percussion, fat pluck bass, spacey synths. A tightly constructed Classic rock feel. Useful for a wide range for media projects, tv theme, radio play, video, in store, radio streaming.

Descrizione: A spirited classic rocking jam session with a retro 1960’s feeling, featuring electric guitar & bass, a tight studio drum kit, and an Nouveaux 60s Organ. Tie dyed shirts, flowers in your hair. Groovy good music for video & film music background, fun party music keeping the crowd on the dance floor. Instrumental, Rock, Classic Rock

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