Descrizione: Un groove funky cosmica con bassi profondi, di suoni e percussioni raffreddare una melodia orecchiabile gancio

Descrizione: An exciting old school RnB groove track Motown rhythm sections, featuring a funky pop beat, thick bass, funky guitar, organ and cool synths. Can’t stop moving toe tapping, head bopping, fun music for underscores, film, tv, radio play, promos, adverts, radio, hip retro programming multimedia works

Descrizione: A bouncy, funky, jazzy, and hip music track featuring a tasty fast fingered electric bass riff, groovy retro drum machine, and a 1960’s style horn section. Sweet backing tracking for how to videos, cop flicks, sexy dancing sequences, corporate prancing and other smart multimedia jams.

Descrizione: A powerful and aggressive old school funky instrumental track similar to deeply soulful horn groups of the seventies. Build on a super cool bass groove riff that is doubled on keyboard and full brass section and a rock solid drum back beat. Female vocal shouts and scats enter the fray at the mid point along with a roaring electric guitar solo and sfx. Fun stuff for your project.

Descrizione: A bright and rhythmic instrumental groove track with an old school funky soul sound into a club nu-jazz breakdown. Rocking drum beats, cry baby wah electric guitar solo, thundering bass, horns and piano are featured. A solid choice your media, video, tv, radio, or film project underscore or theme.

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