Descrizione: Romantic & elegant waltz duet for piano and classical guitar. This dreamy magical atmospheric piece with Satie influences is ideal for a beautiful underscore a variety of media projects, love scenes, flashbacks or tender dance numbers. Great for trailers, opening credits, main theme, indie film etc

Descrizione: A delightful original classical trio composition. Featured is a soaring violin melody, accompanied by cello and piano. Gentle and flowing the music creates an elegant atmosphere suitable for film, video, tv, radio, restaurants, podcast, corporate,, Instrumental, Dramatic, Romantic Music

Descrizione: A lush and romantic classical style waltz featuring a string ensemble, 3 cello, viola, 3 violins, contra-bass. flute, bells, and a grand piano. This softly simmering track would make a lovely compliment to a valentine oriented project or as a modern dance piece or for film, radio and tv underscores.

Descrizione: An intensely dramatic and powerful profound track featuring two nylon string classical acoustic guitars, an upright bass in the beginning. A cello takes on the interlude as the piece breaths for a moment and then the guitars return with an orchestral underscore towards the end. For any media project, Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Romantic Music

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