Descrizione: A full dramatic & heroic orchestral fanfare, featuring full strings, brass, woodwinds. Serious themes pastoral, after battle, relaxing, reflective in nature. This score can work very well for epic sounding trailers, drama series, sports highlights, video games, film, tv, radio, video, media works.

Descrizione: A fully scored orchestral suite featuring a solo violin. This powerful and dramatic track, with a heraldic theme has a classic atmosphere of elegance and timelessness. Useable music for thematic entry point, or character identification, for tv, film, radio, advertisements, broadcast, concert

Descrizione: An original, lovely, gentle and flowing classical track in 3/4 time, featuring a full orchestration, lush strings, deep bottom, timpani hits and an enchanting passionate melody. Deeply romantic fine music for motion pictures, television programs, radio broadcast, underscore, main themes, corporate and home videos.

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