Descrizione: A gentle and reflective relaxing chill out track featuring piano and lush synthesizer lead melodies that carry the listener through a meditative soundscape. Heavenly pads, floating bass lines, soft beats, interesting rhythmic break, Music for decompressing, leisure, rest, underscores or voice overs

Descrizione: A sweet smart grooving lounge jazz track a calm, mellow, relaxing evening song with a romantic flair like a ride down the coast line in a convertible, sexy music bed for romantic scenes with piano, bass, synths and drums. For sophisticated audiences; Ads, voice over, instructional dvd, health spa,

Descrizione: A smooth and expressive pop rock track instrumental, a powerful drum back beat, fat bass, strong piano, and cool synths. Tightly constructed with wide ranging dynamics, a top hit original track. Great backing track music for all media projects, tv theme, radio play, video, in store shopping

Descrizione: Relaxed instrumental piece with a minor melody that builds forward momentum. Electronic and smooth with warmth and purpose interesting counterpoint keeps everything flowing along. Suitable for background music for videos, on hold, in store, credits, corporate films, or various multimedia projects

Descrizione: A gentle and moving reflective jazzy chill track featuring sparse trumpet with echo effect, light and rhythmic cymbal, hypnotic heavenly synthesizer sounds and steady upright bass that carries the listener through a lush soundscape. Fine music for decompressing, leisure, rest and multimedia projects

Descrizione: Sultry, lush and smooth acid jazz track that features sweet singing melodic synths, electro pop beats, thick bass, mysterious bells, bansuri flute & electric guitar. Nice breaks provide interest &breath to the music. Useable for underscores for romantic themed scenes, film, tv, radio play, promos. Instrumental, Jazz, Acid Jazz

Descrizione: This silky smooth new age cool jazz is chilled and frosty. The groove is subtle and hot. Featured are tightly constructed drum machine beats, upright bass, haunting melody, wide open pads, and a super melodic hybrid piano solo. Slick background music for tv, film, video, in house, websites, podcasts

Descrizione: A gentle and reflective relaxing chill out track featuring a floating wooden flute sound that carries the listener through a lush soundscape. Includes light percussion and a depth heavenly synthesizer sounds. Fine music for decompressing, leisure, rest, and multimedia projects that promote peace, Instrumental, Electronic, Chill-out

Descrizione: A smooth and relaxed dance track also good for in house club - featuring synthesizers, electric bass, acoustic piano and solid drum grooves. Adventurous soundscape that lets you inside gently like easing into a warm pond. Good music for your media project on tv, film, radio, video. Broadcast ready. Instrumental, Electronic Music, Chill-out

Descrizione: Ipnotico meditativo, facile ballare o rilassarsi groove

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