Descrizione: A happy upbeat electronic dance number, top hit, featuring call and response riffing, super pumping beats & synths, electric piano. Superb club feel, strong house beat, tightly constructed modern stylish music. An excellent backing for film, tv, radio, video, workout video, night club life, adverts, Instrumental, Dance, House music

Descrizione: A smooth & sultry electronic dance track featuring a solid male vocal performance, a deep house groove, big fat bass, stylish catchy synthesizer riffs & fills, powerful breakdown section. Great for aerobic workout, dance parties, film, tv, radio, productions, club music collections, adverts, promo, Mixed Vocals, Pop, Pop/EDM

Descrizione: An amusing, quirky, and fun track with a productive "lets get things done" attitude. This tight dance groove features machine drums and synthesizers and flows smoothly into various closely knit sections. Has a variety of usage as a background track or as an atmospheric sound drop for media projects.

Descrizione: A fun, cool and quirky electronica number featuring a host of unique synthesizers both retro and hypermodern - high tech and analog. Tightly construction and infectious let this odd yet solid groove accompany your media project. Useful for background and themes in tv, film, video, radio, in house. Instrumental, Electronic, Electropop

Descrizione: A heavy, funky and danceable groove track that borrows a bit of main theme from Flight of the Bumblebee by Rimsky-Korsakoff. Fun upbeat house music featuring all synthesizers and drum machine for the dance floor, film, tv or video scenes, advertising, publicity, promotions, marketing, entertainment, Instrumental, Electronic Music, Funktronica, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

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