Descrizione: Relaxed instrumental piece with a minor melody that builds forward momentum. Electronic and smooth with warmth and purpose interesting counterpoint keeps everything flowing along. Suitable for background music for videos, on hold, in store, credits, corporate films, or various multimedia projects, Instrumental, Electronic, Electro Ambient

Descrizione: A gentle & reflective relaxing chill out track featuring a realistic vocal synths, sparse percussion, playful interplay between bass & keys that carry the listener through a lush, peaceful soundscape. Fine music for decompressing, leisure, rest, multimedia projects that promote peace, harmony, joy.

Descrizione: A rather intense slightly serious fanfare featuring cool retro synths, rich harmonies and a steady simple beat. Good indie style track. Strange faces at the amusement fair, carnival rides, sweet and sticky snacks a sense of wonderment and exploration. Great for radio, tv, film or video productions.

Descrizione: A fun, happy, and quirky electronic danceable track featuring sassy synthesizer melodies, a smooth sub bass groove, techno drums and a reggae style electric guitar strum pattern. Nice track for film, tv, video, home movies, games, radio, in house. advertising, publicity, promotions, entertainment.

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