Descrizione: A full bodied dramatic action adventure track featuring a fat fuzz bass riff followed by a bright electric guitar idol type solo. The breakdown features orchestra and a mysterious cello phrase giving a brief pause to the power groove. Useful music for TV, film, radio broadcast, and media projects, Instrumental, Action Music, Action Adventure Symphonic Rock

Descrizione: A big, bright, and brassy fanfare featuring a full horn section under a solid rock drum beat and a pulsating electric bass with two short breakdown sections that help rekindle the fanfares powerful. Useful track for Films, TV, Radio, Video Games, Podcasts, adverts, broadcast theme, news programs etc, Instrumental, Military Music, Military Dramatic Heroic Epic Music

Descrizione: A big production, brassy and dramatic, soundtrack with an action adventure style feel. Proud and bouncy the music moves through three short sections a rhythmic opening with a bell synth lead, a brassy middle featuring full horn section and electric guitar breaks. Nice track for multimedia projects.

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