Descrizione: A romantic, relaxed & dreamy smooth latin jazz track featuring a lush melody line on acoustic piano. The piece builds calmly as a mallet synth enters in the next section adding intensity. Solid bass & percussion hold the rhythm steady. Useable background music with a wide range for all media project

Descrizione: A super slinky and sweetly swinging jazz track. This cool, modern afro cuban groove features tenor sax, percussion, upright bass and piano. Useable instrumental music for tv, film, radio, underscores, video games, in store, corporate, documentary, tasty jazz lounges with a trendy hip vibe, patio. Instrumental, Jazz, Afro-Cuban Jazz

Descrizione: A smooth, cool, and refreshing latin jazz track featuring a classical nylon string guitar melody over a relaxed percussion, bass and piano bed builds into a dramatic and passionate horn section and then suddenly releases and back to the coolness. Great music for all media projects and airplay.

Descrizione: An upbeat, bright yet reflective bittersweet "moving on down the road" type track. The acoustic piano is the featured melody along with a spanish male vocal shout, female choir, electric guitar vibraphone, percussion, electric bass and synthesizers. Smooth latin jazz flavors for all media projects.

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