Descrizione: A dark, ominous track featuring piano and strings. Evokes feelings of drama, tension and suspense

Descrizione: A comical, action piano track. Imagine it over a black and white chase scene

Descrizione: A dramatic, rising orchestral track featuring choir. Evokes feelings of suspense, dread and foreboding

Descrizione: A sad, contemplative track featuring orchestra and guitar. Evokes feelings of sadness, mourning and nostalgia

Descrizione: A haunting, rising cinematic track featuring strings. Evokes feelings of fear, drama and dread

Descrizione: An eerie, haunting track. Evokes feelings of creepiness, threat and tension

Descrizione: An gloomy, mysterious underscore track. Evokes feelings of dread, suspense and darkness

Descrizione: An upbeat, jolly marching band track. This would be great for a scene featuring a happy holiday parade

Descrizione: A moody, dark, underscore track featuring ominous piano and droning bass. Evokes feelings of suspense, foreboding and threat

Descrizione: A upbeat, happy smooth jazz track featuring guitar. This track would be perfect as background elevator music

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