Descrizione: Close recording of pouring a can of house paint into a bucket. Feeling of viscosity with clubs. Mono.

Descrizione: Med to large group of teens working a project at school. Lots of chatter. An air of excitement. Mono. A few distinct boxes. Great for low level background.

Descrizione: A sparkly, fast whoosh tinged with energy, multiple layers and elaborate design.

Descrizione: Exterior neighborhood like walla ambience for a party, barbecue or other like get together. Stereo.

Descrizione: Sinking into shallow mud fx. Mono. Wet and goopy.

Descrizione: Walking footsteps wearing rubber flip flops hard surface. Close up. Good tone.

Descrizione: Classroom activity without voices. Clean pencil, paper, pen movements. Stereo.

Descrizione: A short selection of movements and footsteps from Hawaiian style rubber flip flops on hard surface.

Descrizione: Feeling of people gathered for an exterior event. Stereo. Multilayered. Play with volume to increase or decrease size of crowd.

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