Descrizione: A dark keyboard melody sets an eerie, suspenseful mood. Perfect background music for a documentary or voice over.

Descrizione: An inspirational piece that builds nicely. Perfect for a motivational scene.

Descrizione: A throwback 1970s song with a laid back feel and an epic guitar solo. A modern day Free Bird.

Descrizione: A dramatic alternative rock piece with a repetitive, melancholic piano melody.

Descrizione: A driving modern rock song. This song will add excitement to any project.

Descrizione: A dark and suspenseful piano piece. Perfect for creating a mysterious or fearful mood.

Descrizione: An energetic rock song that is extremely dynamic. Perfect for a suspenseful action scene.

Descrizione: An exciting metal song that is extremely energetic and driving. Perfect for a high intensity scene.

Descrizione: A darker, more modern take on the classic 1960s surf rock song

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