Descrizione: Mambo electronic song. For commercials, presentations…

Descrizione: Funky backgroud song. For city atmospheres, business topics.

Descrizione: Slow motivational song for your presentations. Happy and confident.

Descrizione: This an unsual corporate track as it is interpreted by a string orchestra, a piano and drums. You can use it on your corporate videos, documentaries or other topics. The music is very positive and motivational.

Descrizione: Relaxed lounge music. For city atmophere, design or architecture projects.

Descrizione: This is an inspiring epic orchestral track with strings, horns and percussions. Perfect for movie trailer and youtube video project.

Descrizione: Electro pop song. For fashion and urban projects.

Descrizione: Upbeat classical song. Perfect for children, nature projects or documentaries, architecture, cultural heritage or gardens. Positive feeling.

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