Descrizione: Mid tempo pop, beautiful melody and lyrics and arrangement. About a woman who finally finds love.

Descrizione: Mid tempo pop with great drum beat about a girl who wants her boyfriend back. She begs him to come back even though she knows he's afraid of commitment. Superb vocal and instrumentation and lyrics. Will appeal to everyone. Beautiful song all around. Will appeal to everyone. MOOD: sad, romantic, hopeful, triumphant.

Descrizione: About a mature woman who has been through the gamut of dating. She states what she will not do again and what she will do.

Descrizione: A woman thinks her boyfriend is cheating. She follows him incognito.

Descrizione: A woman isn't ready for love yet. She's getting over a relationship. She asks her current boyfriend to be patient with her because it's TOO SOON TO LOVE AGAIN.

Descrizione: A woman loves her boyfriend but she wants to break up with him boy because he's a womanizer.

Descrizione: A woman has been hurt by men. She decides to be selfish and get what she wants from men.

Descrizione: Mid tempo country song, female vocal. About a woman who was always giving in a relationship and her man was always taking. She ultimately leaves him.

Descrizione: Metà up canzone country, voce femminile. Grande ritmo e strumentazione. Testi sono carini. Ha un fascino universale. Due persone sono molto innamorato ma sono opposti completi. Persone e dire loro che sono amore non durerà, ma sanno che sarà.

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