Descrizione: Life is an indie electro pop song full of energy! A french touch and trendy track for every media requiring feel good and fun background music. Let's go to the party!

Descrizione: Here is a coll pop song with indie rock elements. This music takes care of you!

Descrizione: Joy, enthusiasm, guitars! Here is a positive and major chords song.

Descrizione: A festive and enchanting tune, definitely in the spirit of the times. A sweet pop song with a winter touch! Magic!

Descrizione: You see the little worms having fun and dancing on their planet! Space worm is an original pop track that makes you smile!

Descrizione: "Islet" is bright, fun and upbeat indie pop track. It’s perfect for fun, upbeat advertising and promotional video sounds. Somewhere betweenTwo Door Cinema Club, Foster the People and Vampire Weekend!

Descrizione: This is an extremely fun and exciting song with a fresh but vintage sound. The catchy choirs will have you singing along immediately. This song will work great with so many projects including; commercials, advertising campaigns, promos, fashion, and just anything exciting! Instruments: Electric Piano, piano, Bass, acoustic guitar, Organ, Hand Claps, Drums, Vocals, horns, brass

Descrizione: Here is a positive pop song with a electro/dance touch.

Descrizione: melodic, positive and bright dance track for broadcast radio backgrounds, videos, slideshows or presentations. Instruments features: dance drums, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, strings pads, bass

Descrizione: Upbeat and uplifting rhythms, energetic and optimistic song. This is a happy and lighthearted tune ideal for any project that needs a joyful, fun and positive atmosphere.

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