Descrizione: A great summer song, ideal to bring a fun/party touch to your greatests projects such as adverts, youtube videos, movies, sport vidéos!

Descrizione: Electro-Rock and pop song combining groovy Electric Guitar with various elements of electronic music including “vintage”synth, a groovy beat and some fuzz guitars. The structure remains Dance and Groovy music, like Ratatat or DJ Champion.

Descrizione: Very energetic and uplifting electronic club track, with build ups, breaks and tight beats, piano chords, staccato strings and synths all together! Pumping sound should remind you of a tasty blend of David Guetta and Kavinsky mixed together! Get up! Get dressed! Grab the keys of your car, and let’s drive to the city by night.

Descrizione: Cool reggaeton electro summer positive track with energetic drums and bass. Ideal for upbeat dance videos.

Descrizione: Funk synths, modern disco beat, paranoic machines, heavy drums and kick. Synth driven track, lots o crazy daft punk feeling, french touch!

Descrizione: Cold night is a relaxing lounge electronic music. It has some weird choirs, delayed guitars, synths, warm pads and drums. It will be good as a background music to support your project.

Descrizione: EDM is a commercial but cool indie electro pop rock song. It will bring energy to fo all media requiring feel good background music!

Descrizione: This is a robot pop song with an EDM touch. It has joyful 80’s and 90’s influences, bundles of energy, exciting melody. Successful for media requiring motivating, feel good background music.

Descrizione: This is a quiet and a bit melancholic song. It is full of tenderness and have a dreamy atmosphere.

Descrizione: An original track inspired by the work of Kavinsky. It’s hard, it’s punchy and it’s super 80s. Great for commercial use in videos projects, commercials and similar media.

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