Descrizione: Juon is a modern mixture of trendy electronica, pop and hip hop music. Suitable for adverts, urban and fashion videos. Influenced by artists like Odesza, Rone and Flume.

Descrizione: Electro is a energetic and electronic background music track, ideal for many kinds of media, included technology ones

Descrizione: EDM is a commercial but cool indie electro pop rock song. It will bring energy to fo all media requiring feel good background music!

Descrizione: Epic sounding song with industrial, technological and electronic feel. This one is suitable for trailers, teasers, intros and many more.

Descrizione: Slow electro pop music with woman choirs. Suitable For Many Applications!

Descrizione: Fat electrofunkpop beat with big synths and effected background vocal. Very powerful!

Descrizione: Dark pop commercial music for TV, radio spot or background music

Descrizione: One is a huge electro EDM track with a powerful heavy pumping beat. Somewhere between M83 and David Guetta. Stomping kick beat, hard punch. Great for trendy projects that require exciting and energetic background music with no compromise.

Descrizione: Striking hybrid orchestral track with dark feel. Track has fast spiccato patterns combined with synth bass and epic orchestral violins. Great track for demo reels, motion graphic projects, trailers and teasers.

Descrizione: An original track inspired by the work of Kavinsky. It’s hard, it’s punchy and it’s super 80s. Great for commercial use in videos projects, commercials and similar media.

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