Descrizione: Powerful, epic percussion drives the action in this cinematic song, both modern and ancestral.

Descrizione: A magic, bright and fantastic track, featuring celesta, orchestra, glockenspiel, harp, percussions. Great for cartoons, video-games, christmas projects and fairy tale stories!

Descrizione: Here is an hybrid song between electro and orchestral music. A good way to travel and a great musical experience.Perfect for sports videos, travel videos, movies and short films.

Descrizione: A classic Horror style track, decent for Halloween and slightly discordant with piano phrases. It will give you fear and scary feelings! This lunatic atmosphere suggests a retro horror style film scene. Very useful for creating the perfect halloween atmosphere!

Descrizione: Here is a song that sounds like Heroic Adventures, Epic, Action and Mystery Music. Perfect for any project you can think of! Great for Movies, Animations, Games, Websites to DVDs and impressive Presentations or any other products you can think of any kind

Descrizione: here is a cinematic underscore track that blends the use of light orchestra and drums elements. Ideally, this track was produced to be fitting to films, video games, documentaries, and media introductions. However, it is versatile and is capable with other forms of media.

Descrizione: Simple yet magical, this piece immediately transports the listener into a euphoric and contemplative space. The atmosphere throughout the piece remains positive and uplifting – and crescendos to a triumphant moment about half way through

Descrizione: This emotional piano song is perfect for cinematic scene. The music is well suited for your video, movie, youtube video... Strange atmosphere with love and melancholy.

Descrizione: An epic track full of emotion and heroism with patriotic touches. Perfect for trailer, video games, films … Powerful and sophisticated. With violins, piano, horns, very poetic.

Descrizione: This epic track is perfect for trailer, video games and films.

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