Descrizione: EDM is a commercial but cool indie electro pop rock song. It will bring energy to fo all media requiring feel good background music!

Descrizione: Epic sounding song with industrial, technological and electronic feel. This one is suitable for trailers, teasers, intros and many more.

Descrizione: Juon is a modern mixture of trendy electronica, pop and hip hop music. Suitable for adverts, urban and fashion videos. Influenced by artists like Odesza, Rone and Flume.

Descrizione: Powerful combination of hybrid dubstep and epic music is making this track suitable for action scenes. Perfect for movie trailers, game soundtrack, sport scenes and action videos!

Descrizione: This epic track is perfect for trailer, video games and films.

Descrizione: Slow electro pop music with woman choirs. Suitable For Many Applications!

Descrizione: Cinematic song ala Danny Elfman with a christmas touch. This Cue features a full orchestra playing phrases in a rhythmic pattern that can be used in a cartoon but also in a comic or bizarre situation in a movie.

Descrizione: Very funky and energetic pop song! Modern dance track perfect background for fashion videos, promos, games, commercials and many more. In this one you can hear modern synths, club beats, funky guitars.

Descrizione: Fat electrofunkpop beat with big synths and effected background vocal. Very powerful!

Descrizione: If you’re happy and you know it, play this song! This track has Modern light bouncy guitar, with marimba, xylophone, choirs, an incredibly catchy melody hook, and plenty of variation so it can be tailored to suit your needs. Positive vibes, hand clapping, and an energetic chorus to take it home.

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