Descrizione: Haunting Piano track with ambient lofi melancholy rhythm eventually giving way to a nice articulate lead melody.

Descrizione: Super weird experimental concoction of guitars caught in a dream cycle destined to be a soundtrack for a psychological thriller of some sort, originally from the land of la.

Descrizione: Tandem guitars journey through fields of strategically placed delay and universal multi-versed planes of shifting reverb then finally spin dried in the cosmic OM.

Descrizione: Loud & punchy drum track hooks you early before dropping you into a simple yet infectious keys/glitch interlude that develops into an inspiring synth anthem of sorts. It's short. It's sweet. It's effective.

Descrizione: Winding hypnotic journey that hides a luscious & glorious "easter egg" of a break. Piano, Guitar, & Strings.

Descrizione: Hard driving industrial experimental electronica. For when nails hammered into your forehead still isn't enough.

Descrizione: Pure ear candy, listen in as gleeful data streams express their ecstasy vividly. Nice rich full frequency, full spectrum, sound design.

Descrizione: Dark ambient lo-fi piano plays an eerie drone rhythm that finally expands to include a nice refreshing spacious glo-fi piano lead melody.

Descrizione: Otherworldly journey evoking feelings of liberation, separation, or possibly exile. A lone acoustic guitar strums next to a distant vocal that is enveloped & finally overcome by ambient waves of reverb, delayed synth pads, & beautifully produced pops, clicks, & glitches.

Descrizione: Epic intro of glitch & noise rises up & drops into a pulsing electric dance carnival of fun sounds.

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