Descrizione: Un anno di terra è uguale a 365 giorni. C'è un sacco che può accadere. Questa canzone ti porta in un viaggio attraverso gli alti e bassi della vita, ma finisce con un barlume di speranza per il futuro. Immaginate di guardare l'alba dallo spazio esterno. Tutti i suoni sono creati da chitarra. Ambiente etereo, strumentale, stridente, grazioso, sognante, colonna sonora, punteggio, motivazionale, speranzoso, trionfante, spazio, felice, triste, contemplativo.

Descrizione: A dreamy, ambient, instrumental track using guitar only. Great for mediation, reflection, relaxation, film score, background music, or soundtrack. Ambient, ethereal, instrumental, jangly, pretty, dreamy, soundtrack, score, motivational, hopeful, triumphant, space, happy, somber, contemplative, atmospheric, reverb, delay, chill, calm, chill

Descrizione: Guitar duet breathes magical moments, loving and reflective

Descrizione: peaceful, relaxed, childlike, gentle, keyboard, electro piano

Descrizione: Atmospheric and minimalistic piano melody expands later into a nice chill out tune with synth sequences, beat and arpeggios.

Descrizione: Medieval music with obscure drum and flute over a dark drone sound.

Descrizione: We are glad to introduce you a new trendy optimistic music oriented for inspiration and motivation activities or advertising and TV. Inspiration modern soothing background music that includes a nice light guitar strumming, mellow claps, mellow rock guitar lead backgrounds, beautiful soothing piano sheets with interesting stylish audio transition effects, sweet violin notes, gentle inspirational melodies and smooth lighting inspirational and motivational mood. This inspirational background music well suited for music videos, lifestyle music, office music, for relaxing and studying background, health videos, advertising, tv, inspirational quotes, soothing videos also this style will be good fitted for youtube music, presentation background, timelaps, running, sports, abstract, success music video, music for meditation end for many more different projects and activities.

Descrizione: Soft, pleasant, relaxe track . Good background for: Light presentation, nature, Maldives, recreation. Ac guitar, strings and harmonics.

Descrizione: In this instrumental chillout you can feel real bliss and hear instruments: easy piano, sad background chorus, soft and slow bass drums with sticks. Great for trailers, commercials, motivational videos, corporate uses, product promos, presentations, TV, radio and film. Emotional and motivating music fit perfect for your great projects.

Descrizione: This composition is designed for those who truly love! Who yearn for loved one. It is very sad and at the same time soothing. It used classical instruments such as cello, violin, piano.