Descrizione: Una bossa nova molto intrigante e un po 'strano. musica perfetta per la guida in ambienti alla ricerca di quella perfetta parcheggio al centro commerciale. Caratteristiche pianoforte, vibrafono, chitarra acustica, basso elettrico e batteria con spazzole.

Descrizione: An intense and touching instrumental jazz track featuring piano, acoustic bass, drums, strings and guitar. This track is ideal for many kind of video productions, including movies, comedies, TV broadcasts in general.

Descrizione: A sophisticated jazz instrumental track great for any TV/movie scene, romantic video, documentary, hotel lounge paylist, sexy entertainment footages and night club. Super Smooth Jazz featuring piano, acoustic guitar, electric jazz guitar, strings and drums. Perfect for any sweet subject.

Descrizione: Elegant Jazz instrumental featuring piano, classic guitar, electric bass, acoustic drums and synth. Upbeat and lighthearted, it could sound perfect to underscore many types of videos about family, romance, love and free time.

Descrizione: A song about coming home, where things we left behind seem to be still there to renew our lives and feelings. Intense and sweet lyrics; a sophisticated music with folk and jazz influences. Great for any TV/movie scene about coming home. Joni Mitchell Sound-alike music. (Lyrics by Julia Dowler), Female Vocals, Jazz Music, Folk Jazz

Descrizione: A jazzy tune with piano solo and guitar solo. Laid back and chilled, but with a stalking element. Remember those detective series from the 70s? This one fits right in with its tricky, pursuing and cunning character.