Descrizione: Classic cartoon spy theme, mysterious, light, wistful, silly inspector, film, animation

Descrizione: A feel good, quirky and cheerful track with a sense of youth, romance, taking a summer trip...etc. Instrumentation: Ukelele, claps, bass drum, accordeon, piano, bells. Some parts of this track can be easily looped. Track length: 2:24

Descrizione: Dramatic, epic action trailer. Super intense Hollywood blockbuster trailer - perfect to infuse action film / gaming projects with epic, dramatic and cinematic ambiance. Fusing orchestral and heavy rock elements into an intense trailer experience, this track features strings, brass and cinematic sub boom effects, as well as heavy metal guitar and a pounding drum kit.

Descrizione: A nice light piano and cello piece evolving into a light grooving piece with drums.

Descrizione: Profondamente espressivo pianoforte segnando music inspired by the American Experience di sedimentazione di una nuova terra che offre libertà, speranza e opportunità. Immaginate di pionieri nella prateria, agricoltura in heartland, la ciotola di polvere, l'infanzia in una città piccola e storica Americana come in un film documentario di Ken Burns.

Descrizione: A very calm and gently piece with soft string chords and piano. Great for very emotional, sad but heartwarming scenes.

Descrizione: Orchestral theme sad delicate rainy day. So beautiful atmospheric beautiful bittersweet caring confused disenchanted disillusioned dramatic dreamy elegant emotional ethereal forgiving graceful grand heartbroken heavenly honest innocent intelligent longing loving meaningful nervous passionate pulsating romantic sad.

Descrizione: A tense atmosphere with lots of percussion, space and crescendo with synths and drones

Descrizione: Principali cinema stile tema super eroe nella tradizione del film di Superman.

Descrizione: Suspense clock ticking waiting for meditate research unknown.