Descrizione: Cosa cool flamenco rock. Buona per spagnolo video di forse corrida: D

Descrizione: Fast Driving, Synth potente, duro, chitarre

Descrizione: Metal battere da FaZt. Goditela!

Descrizione: A metal and electronic hybrid with light dubstep electronic elements. Huge guitars and pounding drums make this track ideal for promos, trailers and intense action cues like UFC, WWE, NFL, motocross and other extreme sports. In the style of Metallica, Rammstein, Celldweller, Cliff Lin and Pantera

Descrizione: A dark, ominous trailer track. It starts softly and builds to a rousing heavy metal section. All instruments are orchestral and symphonic, but ran through guitar amp simulators. Very dark and heavy.

Descrizione: Hardcore Metal is a tough rock and roll extreme track with great deal of guitar distortion and powerful drums.

Descrizione: A melancholy new-metal track with modern melodic riffs and breakbeat drums.

Descrizione: Metal Guitar driven piece with Symphonic Strings. Aggressive bass, Chugging power chords and an acid drum kit. Perfect for fast action sequences, extreme aggression, Graphic Violence, and Fight scenes. Also, works for intense sports replays & hi energy workouts.

Descrizione: Pista di nu metal con riff di chitarra distorta, pesante batteria, basso.

Descrizione: Metallo traccia seguita da chitarra elettrica, synth, pastiglie, basso elettrico, batte