Descrizione: A blues rock song with a driving beat and a catchy guitar riff

Descrizione: Historic, Rock, Rock-1960, Rock-Blues, storico del 1960, ripetitivi, Groovy, felice, Fun, eccitato, Bright, in un divertente, eccitante, l'umore di avventura, con synth, pianoforte, batteria, con un mid tempo

Descrizione: Rock, Rock-Southern Rock, Shuffle, Americana-Paese, americana, Blues, Rock-Blues, Country-Big Country, Country-Contemporanea, Guidare, pesante, Groovy, Aggressive, in una avventura, aggressivo, energico, Fun stato d'animo, con Batteria, Chitarra, Elettrico, con un tempo veloce

Descrizione: Hard rock, edge, muscle, power chords, hot guitar, cruising, muscle car, bluesy

Descrizione: Hard rock, power chords, driving, rock band, hot guitar, bluesy swampy, southern

Descrizione: Rocking, bluesy guitar, good times, power chords, up beat bright muscle rock

Descrizione: This is a Mississippi Delta blues progression played on an antique 80 year old Richter acoustic ukulele tuned traditionally to open D which gives a realistic blue collar folk feel much like what would have been heard in the deep south during the early 1900's. You can just hear Grampa sitting on the porch of the cabin singing the blues. It's an authentic sounding folk music piece for a period project or for a feel of down to Earth folk simplicity. 86 beats per minute.

Descrizione: This is a quick paced and energetic acoustic ukulele (an antique 1930's Richter), swing blues bass, real maraca, cowbell, and hand clapping background track. The walking bass lines are more like running and have more energy than a pack of sugared up preschoolers! It's great for energized dancing excitement such as beach parties, recreational sports, corporate, business, background, travel, fast motion, or any adventurous activity like ocean surfing and water skiing. It is played free style at 116 beats per minute but in reality it's more like 232!

Descrizione: Blues track for strip club or similar burlesque environment. Dry blues drums, slide guitar riffs and piano riffs makes this the ideak choice for background music in a strip bar.

Descrizione: Acoutsic sporco, blues pianoforte, pigro basso, batteria

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