Descrizione: Hard Rock in the style of Jimi Hendrix with modern synthesizer . It creates the impression of the audacity and confidence in their superiority .

Descrizione: Love Does Not Exist, is a instrumental Anime style rock composition.

Descrizione: A crunchy rock trio track, perfect for any macho or intense moment. Seamless looping.

Descrizione: Dark R & B Retro tune with vocal howling included. Straight off of reel to reel tape.

Descrizione: Rock track with blues elements and catchy guitar riffs for your video or other projects.

Descrizione: Throwback hair metal jam with big guitars and fast drums!

Descrizione: Powerful, lyrical and driving melodic rock for your video, audio collections films and other projects. Thanks for listening!

Descrizione: Classic hard rock, overdrive guitars, open road, edgy, energizing; feels like driving a car at top speed; motorcycle.

Descrizione: Bass, drums, guitar, flowing, rock, heavy metal, closer, work part

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