Descrizione: Inspiring and positive rock loop with energetic guitars, action drums, epic guitar solo and romantic mood. Ideal for use within corporate, motivational projects, background, adventure game and other. Thank you for listening, rating and purchasing.

Descrizione: An upbeat, positive & motivational track featuring a solid quietly burning bass, drum, & electric guitar rhythm section with a hip retro groove under a mysterious synth melody & lush, sensuous female vocal stylings. For tv, radio, film, multimedia projects needing an uplifting intense ambience. Female Vocals, Pop

Descrizione: Futuristic space adventure. Upbeat electronic rock. Glitchy. Catchy. Unique. Fun.

Descrizione: A song with a changing mood between nostalgic and confident, performed on a steel guitar, overdriven guitar and synth strings.

Descrizione: Intriguing, pensive song performed on steel guitar making arpeggios, groovy drums, subtle synth strings and a sub bass fretless style complex line.

Descrizione: A mysterious song, mechanical, instrumental, blend of synthezisers and a clean steel guitar, two basses, one of them sequenced. It has a changing mood between confident and hidden.

Descrizione: 'Bittersweet Happiness' is an alternative Electro Pop Track ideal for documentaries, videos, movies, commercial, Youtube videos etc. It's always changing it's mood between the verse and chorus from sweet to bittersweet, from mysterious to hopeful.

Descrizione: Nice Soundtrack with Alternative Indie Sound With acustic and Electric guitars

Descrizione: Solo Acoustic Guitar music with ethereal synth pad perfect for meditation, prayer, or relieving stress and refreshing for soul and spirit. Also works well for physical therapy, yoga, hospital and wellness campaigns, corporate multi-media and documentaries

Descrizione: An inspirational music track for any big, momentous day.

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