Descrizione: rockin country instrumental fun party type some sax, had claps, and piano

Descrizione: Just got off work and Im looking to party. Women of all ages and sizes looking for a good time. just worked my 9-5, and I made it home alive, take off my shoes that pinch my feet, and undress quickly like a cat in heat, puttin on my favorite dress, something that is sure to impress, earrings makeup hair out the door in 5, and me the keys baby I want to drive" Fun country rockin crossover

Descrizione: Rock e Roll.Sixties.Swinging.Upbeat musica tradizionale, tuta danza film.Rockabilly.

Descrizione: Cool oscillante riff di chitarre di stile anni ' 50 e saxaphone

Descrizione: Old style doo-wop with background vocals, rock’n roll piano, double bass, guitars and snaps. Fun to cruise with, and great for old timers! The track is a loop (164 Bpm) but works just fine the way it is, just fade out in the end.

Descrizione: Old and classic music with cruising around in a Cadillac in mind. Piano, double bass, drums, horns and guitar.

Descrizione: Twangy mixture of rock-a-billy and bluegrass with lots of momentum

Descrizione: Rockabilly jazz, rockin saxes, sock hop, twang guitar, brass

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