Descrizione: Instrumental inspired by Dwayne Eddy featuring lap steel solos, not unlike something you might hear in a Quentin Tarantino film.

Descrizione: Vintage surf rock loop reminiscent of the 50's and early 60's.

Descrizione: Instrumental groove track with a progressive rock feel. Surf music, cruising on a chopper, and off road adventures. Music for outdoor activities. Featuring lead guitar solo work.

Descrizione: Instrumental rock groove track with a surf music vibe. Music builds to a powerful ending. Progressive rock with great solo work. Music for extreme sports and action sports.

Descrizione: Classic sounding surf rock featuring tubular guitars and fun bass and drums. Perfect for beach scenes or even a pulpy crime video.

Descrizione: This composition has a retro Western flair and pretty close to a Surf music. It is bold, serious and old school. Good as a music theme for a Wild West movie with cowboys, gunfighters and Indians. Classical rock instruments used such as solo, rhythm, bass guitars, drums and keyboard.

Descrizione: a groovy surf rock song just in time for the nice weather. contains drums bass and an excellent electric guitar tone.

Descrizione: Very energetic fast drive track. Extreme, speed, adrenaline.

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