Descrizione: Relaxing and inspiring violin combined with modern electronic and energetic rhythms of dubstep. Perfect for movie, epic and dramatic videos and much more.

Descrizione: 8 bit old school video game type beat

Descrizione: light, melodic, cheerful, rhythmic and modern. Great for movies about travel, adventure and peoples.

Descrizione: A typical techno groove for an electronic rodeo, funny, ironic, a little ambient.

Descrizione: Intense Percussion Intro is a very hardcore intro/outro cue like you would see at the beginning or end of shows like Gator Boys, Naked and Afraid, Cops, etc. The song is meant to create an action, suspenseful atmosphere with its drum solos and ensemble. It can be used in Shows, movies, trailers, GoPro montages, videos, etc. Enjoy! Moods found in this song are: Show, intense, chase, fight, attack, TV, reality, movie, scene, trailer, action, Gator Boys, Naked and Afraid, Cops, etc.

Descrizione: Strings and piano composition, all played at 432 Hz, for a new musical and spiritual experience.

Descrizione: Latin instrumental song, with flamenco guitar. This composition change into electronic ambient music.

Descrizione: Dramatic and epic orchestral music with lots of tension. Beautiful and romantic, yet dark and apocalyptic. This is music for war footage, battles and more.

Descrizione: Sexy slide guitar over typical band setup sounding like it was recorded in the 60s. Powerful and melodic, slowly going into a more cinematic mode over time. Strings and trumpets give it an extra emotional touch. 6/8 tempo.

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