Kay - Missoula, Montana

I love AudioMicro because it's always got the SFX and music clips I want - and better yet, it always has the odd, strange, and obscure sounds I'm looking for. I go to various audio sites, and this is the one I return to again and again and again. Oh yeah - and it's affordable! I can make larger or smaller purchases, and AudioMicro makes it easy

John - Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

AudioMicro has a great variety that's always being updated, it has helped me on many projects.

Massimo - Athens, Greece

Great choice of music at an affordable price. I love you! :)

Scott - Austin, Texas

I love AudioMicro. Great quality sound effects. It's great site. Good sounds, easy to find what you are looking for.

Sage - Prince George, British Columbia, Canada

I was so relieved when I first came across AudioMicro. Their simplistic approach to offering professional services at affordable prices was what captured my attention. 3 years later I am still impressed as the first day we did business. Thank you.

Adam - Goshen, Indiana

AudioMicro has a great selection of top notch production and theme music - one track I used on a video even turned up on an episode of Mad Men! Great service and value.

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