Descrizione: Step on It is cool and upbeat pop / rock song with electric ovedriven guitars and dynamic drums. Suitable with various video and multimedia projects.

Descrizione: Burn it Up is an awesome rock songs featuring electric guitars , cow bell, hand claps and punchy drums. Right and only choice for your video commercial, presentation, trailer or sport / action videos.

Descrizione: Powerful music track featuring male vocals, smashing drums and distortion guitars. Perfect for video production, background music, YouTube channel and more.

Descrizione: This is a vibrant and warm track that can add that “indie” vibe to your project and media. Similar to bands like Two Door Cinema Club, Phoenix and Vampire Weekend.

Descrizione: A raw and edgy power rock trio track featuring a sharp electric guitar, thick plucky bass, and old school funky drumming. Good solid down to earth sounds similar to pulp, dark and indie movie backgrounds. Radio ready for all media projects: tv, film, radio, video. Instrumental, Indie Rock, Indie Rock

Descrizione: Rock, Pop Music, Corporate music, inspired by the Britpop artist like Johnny Marr, Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, with a New Wave touch, influenced by The Cars, Blondie or Duran Duran. Definitely melodic and energetic "PM in Montreal" inspired overtaking, achieving success and above all, full sun in your ears.

Descrizione: Powerful and inspirational Rock song with acoustic and electric guitar

Descrizione: Powerful and motivational indie rock song with distortion guitar and acoustic guitare

Descrizione: Intro indie pop rock logo for your video, blogs, podcasts or other projects. Thanks for listening!

Descrizione: Melancholy Indie-Rock track featuring catchy organ and keyboard lead.