Descrizione: sound of nature forest in Europeusable in foleydistance: midacoustic - field

Descrizione: Sound of child snoring quietly. Usable for: foley. Distance: close. Acoustic: indoor

Descrizione: Sound of children in nursery ambienceUsable for: foleyDistance: midAcoustic: indoor

Descrizione: Sound of child watching passing train. Usable for: foley. Distance: mid. Acoustic: field

Descrizione: Sound of child jumping on trampoline. Usable for: foley. Distance: mid close. Acoustic: dry

Descrizione: sound of furniture: jumpin on bed - loop. usable for foley. distance: mid close. acoustic: indoor

Descrizione: sound of voice of child saying colours. usable for media, foley, game. distance: mid close. acoustic: dry

Descrizione: Suono di: gruppo di bambini piccoli contando in inglese

Descrizione: Sound of child jumping on hardwood floor. Usable for: foley. Distance: midclose. Acoustic: indoor

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