Descrizione: Mysterious dreaming music from the ancient past. Ethereal female voice over a soft dreamy synth pad.

Descrizione: A simple moody electronic track with guitars and synths, that could go well as background music.

Descrizione: Action packed track with electric guitar a la James Bond and brass sections. Really cool and swift, perfect soundtrack for a heist or video game.

Descrizione: Brano Electro con salto groovy beat e synth.

Descrizione: Fast and fun bluegrass music with violins and banjo. Perfect for that trip to the southern states, or a great soundtrack for that comedy video. The track is also loopable, (116 bpm) just copy, paste and fade out.

Descrizione: Music with native american chanting and drums with a dark mysterious drone sound in the background. Suits great for historical footage and documentaries.

Descrizione: Native american indian chant. This is a wisdom quest prayer song from the Lakota tribe. Sampled vocals over a dark drone sound makes it great for documentaries, historical footage or background music for narrations and voice overs.

Descrizione: Medieval music with fiddle riff, ocarina and obscure choir with inspiration from the dark ages.

Descrizione: Sexy slide guitar over typical band setup sounding like it was recorded in the 60s. Powerful and melodic, slowly going into a more cinematic mode over time. Strings and trumpets give it an extra emotional touch. 6/8 tempo.

Descrizione: Beautiful and melancholic Hulusi (asian instrument) over drone sounds. Asian inspired music, great for background in documentaries etc.

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