Descrizione: Here is a very famous christmas song! Great to fee this great atmosphere!

Descrizione: Here is an hybrid song between electro and orchestral music. A good way to travel and a great musical experience.Perfect for sports videos, travel videos, movies and short films.

Descrizione: A happy and children's song! It will bring you smile, and will make you want to go on holiday with your family! Acoustic guitar, whistling, glockenspiel and claps: The recipe for happiness!

Descrizione: Striking hybrid orchestral track with dark feel. Track has fast spiccato patterns combined with synth bass and epic orchestral violins. Great track for demo reels, motion graphic projects, trailers and teasers.

Descrizione: An epic track full of emotion and heroism with patriotic touches. Perfect for trailer, video games, films … Powerful and sophisticated. With violins, piano, horns, very poetic.

Descrizione: This is very happy optimistic track with ukulele, piano, claps , guitars, glockenspiel and horns!

Descrizione: Erock is a powerful and modern corporate track, ideal for sport video, race media or whenever you need action, loudness and fun!

Descrizione: This piece is perfect for a cinematic film part, montage, or trailer. Each instrument is intricately compressed and balanced to give it that cinematic strength, power and emotion.

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