Descrizione: Metallo duro guida potente. Ha un fresco vibe metal degli anni ' 70 con una scanalatura grande! Stoner rock?

Descrizione: Estrema & drammatica guida pesante metallo duro. Ha grande groove metal di andare avanti con un assolo di chitarra cocente!

Descrizione: Alternative/nu metal composition with powerful riff. This track is perfect for action, race, fight scenes and more.

Descrizione: An energetic rock song that is extremely dynamic. Perfect for a suspenseful action scene.

Descrizione: Inspiring, triumphant and prideful alternative rock background music. This track create feel of man’s dignity and strength, courage and bravery, cold and confident mind. Overdrive guitar playing calm chords and measured bass with distorted drums creates feel of confidence and intelligent power.

Descrizione: Space And Time.m4a is a track is a track created for Commercial, film, you tube or video game streams

Descrizione: Heavy Metal Funk is a crazy, funky and groovy piece of music with drums, percussion, e-guitar, keyboard and synthesizer.

Descrizione: Symphonic metal tune with overdrive guitar lines and intense drums. Great choice for those who are looking for track that creates powerful, inspiring and confident mood. Perfect for projects that need striking feel and heavy atmosphere.

Descrizione: RAT RACE REMIX2 (master).mp3 hard-rock, punk thrash with vocals