Descrizione: una roccia divertente salsa mambo, retrò. Royalty Free Music e Music for Creative archivio progetti audio visivi, compresi quelli di YouTube, TV, Film, PowerPoint, Flash e tutti i media.

Descrizione: A jazz-latin style, with a soft beginning changing after to a rhythmical mambo big band in an animated feel

Descrizione: The montuno rhythm leads this piece, with the trumpet making the rhythmical melody. Danceable and determined.

Descrizione: A bright fast paced powerful pop dance track with a latin flavor. This exciting tune features a full brass section, electronic instruments, powerful pumping bass, cool synths, full cooking percussion combos, and electric effects. Nice quick paced music for broadcast, video, tv, film, adverts

Descrizione: A bright & happy tropical latin track, a dancing on a sunny beach, or pool deck, enjoying a cold beverage party song. Features a Cuban brass section, plenty of percussion, and a Santana style nylon string guitar solo. Great music for media projects that need a latin energy boost or as an underscore.

Descrizione: Melodia di Bell divertente, musica Salsa-latino Mambo, band dal vivo.

Descrizione: Mambo electronic song. For commercials, presentations…

Descrizione: A delightfully happy tropical latin track that will put a smile on your face. Featuring a a strong brass section, thick rich plucked bass synth, and a full latin island percussion unit. Crisp spicy fresh sounds, warm weather holidays. Useful for media productions, radio, party, action scenes, 5-o.

Descrizione: Veloce e divertente, sfacciato e formaggio. Bossa nova organo, tromba e sax tema stile retrò. Ideale per la commedia, reality tv e spot pubblicitari. Main mix, U/punteggio, 60 sec e versioni 30 sec